October 2, 2022

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RV vs HOUSE – Which One Is Better? | Review After 1 Month in House

1 min read

After nearly 4 years of living in our RV full-time, we bought a house. This is our one-month review of living in a house vs an RV. We explore differences in water use, electricity, sleep schedules, storage and more!

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We’re excited to try out our new RV mattress, and hope to have greatly improved sleep quality because of it. Stay tuned for our review after 30 days of sleeping on our new RV Queen (2 inches shorter than a standard queen, just for RVs!)

0:00- 0:26- Intro
0:27- 1:20- Water & Showers
1:21- 2:40- Sleep Schedules
2:41- 5:20- Our New RV Mattress
5:21- 6:37- Electricity
6:38- 7:44- Bulk Storage
7:45- 8:37- Separate Spaces
8:38- 10:36- Certainty vs Variety
10:37- 12:00- Conclusion

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/perpetualmoves

Source: Perpetual Moves

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