October 2, 2022

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Can Real Estate Improve Your RV LIFE?

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About the Episode:
Each time we mention the KYD Cabin as our vacation rental, we get questions about how it’s working and whether we would do it again. In short, it’s working greatโ€”so great, in fact, that we did it again! We purchased a home in Florida as our primary residence and hope to share the property with the community once it’s complete. Buying a 100-year-old home turned out to be a bigger project than we anticipated, but it will all be worth it in the end.

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More About the Episode:
In this episode, we share some ideas on how real estate (and possibly vacation rentals) can improve the RV lifestyle. We address some of the main concernsโ€”like whether renters will wreck your homeโ€”and the three things that surprised us about sharing the KYD Cabin.
In each episode, there is always something we forget to mention! One of the other aspects of renting out the cabin that surprised us was this: a home that makes money tends to be better for the home. In other words, if we left our home for several months at a time, we’d have it buttoned up and shut down. There is no telling what we’d come home to and whether there would be repairs. After all, homes are best when they are being used. But in our case, we come home to a property that is ready for a guest. Because the home makes money, we have a property manager, house cleaner, and landscaper. When repairs are needed, we take care of it right away and as a result, the cabin is ready for us too! When we hit the road, it takes several days to turn the cabin back into a vacation rental. Each time we do this, we are reminded that without that deadline, we would let small repairs go and clutter would build. Being forced to bring the cabin back to "rent-ready" is something we need.

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