December 7, 2022

The Renegades

Renegades Rich and Trish

Wildflowers on Pine River Trail Hike, Vallecito CO

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We went searching for Wildflowers on the Pine River Trail in Vallecito Co this week. This was our first hike in the Weminuche Wilderness and it did not disappoint. The Pine River Trail goes to Emerald Lake or the Weminuche Pass, most notably. Both of those hikes are 20+ miles, so if you’re looking for a day hike, you can just do an out and back, as far as you like and then turn around. The trail is beautiful in both directions, you can’t go wrong!

Pine River Trail:

Pine River Campground:

0:00- 1:24- Driving to the Trailhead
1:25- 4:10- Hike to the National Forest Boundary
4:11- 6:59- Weminuche Wilderness hiking
7:00- 7:50- Hike out to Trailhead & Recap


Source: Perpetual Moves

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