November 28, 2022

The Renegades

Renegades Rich and Trish

RV Life Burnout- What To Do?! Full-time RV Lifestyle

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We’ve been on the road living in our RV for over 3 years now and we were experiencing some RV life burnout. We were tired from moving so frequently, so we came up with a plan to stay in one place for at least one month. But we didn’t want to go back to RV Park living, so we combined two Hip Camp stays with the county fairgrounds. We’re really happy with our decision to slow down and stay put for a little to catch our breath and feel excited about full-time RV life again.

Camping Links:
South Durango Hip Camp:

Mancos/ Mesa Verde Hip Camp:

La Plata County Fairgrounds:

Our Instagram:

0:00- 1:07- Intro
1:08- 2:29- Why We Chose Durango
2:30- 3:50- Why We Have RV Life Burnout
3:51- 6:30- How We Solved It
6:31- 7:30- What’s Next

Source: Perpetual Moves

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