November 28, 2022

The Renegades

Renegades Rich and Trish

Aztec Ruins National Monument | Four Corners Top To-Do

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Aztec Ruins National Monument was a great half-day adventure when in Northwest New Mexico. We definitely think this is a top thing to do in the Four Corners area. The walk is flat and easy and the site is interesting, it’s suitable for all ages and abilities. Add this to your National Monument check list! We expect to see more aztec ruins in our travels around Southwest Colorado as well.



0:00- 0:48- Intro
0:49- 1:31- The Great Kiva
1:31- 3:15- Exploring the Grounds
3:16- 3:58- Original 900 y/o Structure
3:59- 5:58- Take Aways

Source: Perpetual Moves

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