November 28, 2022

The Renegades

Renegades Rich and Trish

HOW TO BACK YOUR RV And Trailer Tail Swing

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***Link to cone setup below*** The most common piece of advice that is given to new RV owners is to go out to a parking lot and practice backing up around cones. That is good and all but HOW should you setup the cones??? The maneuvers in this video are setup to teach control of the trailer, and build confidence in the driver. The best drivers are confident and relaxed. This link shows diagrams of how to setup each maneuver. Yes these are the same backing maneuvers used to test CDL drivers. If new truck drivers can parallel park a semi truck, YOU can parallel park an RV.… #swagnation #howtorv #swagnation​ #jointhepack​ Want to save money on your next fuel stop? Look into joining the TSD logistics fuel program! It’s only for diesel fuel at the truck pumps, but we have saved hundreds of dollars at the pump!… Interested in saving 15% on your RV holding tank treatments?! Use coupon code wanderingwagners at Https:// Want an EasyStart 364 to add onto your air conditioner and save $25?! Use coupon code: WW81… Do you travel with pets? Want to make sure they’re safe while you’re away from them in the RV? Look into getting a Waggle Pet Monitor!… Our camera gear: Canon XF400​ Rode Video Mic Pro+​ Canon EOS 80D​ Rode VideoMic Pro​ DeadCat​ Joby GorillaPod​ GoPro 5 Black​ Shure MV88+ :​ iPhone 12 Pro:​ Check out the products that we use and recommend!…

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