December 9, 2022

The Renegades

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How To Deal With Severe Weather When RVing

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ℹ️ About the Episode
The thumbnail picture came as a big shock to us. Our neighbors at the KOA from last weekend’s episode sent it to us; this weather event happened just a few hours after we left! The question of how we handle severe weather is one we get all the time, so now felt like the right time to make a video about it. Even though we’ve been on the road for many years, we don’t consider ourselves weather experts by any means. We’ve been very lucky overall. Trusting our gut and getting out of dodge has helped, too. In this episode, we interview Richard & Melinda, who were stuck in their RV after a sudden water spout turned their rig over. We learn from their story and then interview Dr. David Titley on how to navigate severe weather and what tools we can use to keep us safe while traveling. Dr. David Titley has been following KYD for years and actually IS a weather expert. David served as a naval officer for 32 years and rose to the rank of Rear Admiral. His career included duties as navigator, meteorologist, and oceanographer on five ships and afloat staffs, and ultimately as Oceanographer and Navigator of the Navy. He’s also the founder of RV Weather, a website dedicated to helping RVers travel with confidence and stay ‘weather-wise.’
We’re very lucky to be able to share David’s expertise with the community and hope this episode keeps you safe while providing peace of mind this season.

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