November 28, 2022

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Renegades Rich and Trish

RV Life Hacking: Lake Michigan (Ep 12 – Keep Your Daydream)

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We’ve finally made it to Michigan to celebrate July 4th with our good friend Bill & Wendi Cooper. Just now realizing that our videos are almost two months behind our travel! Making more than one video per week just isn’t plausible with work, school… and doing the things that creates good footage! But I’m hoping Part 2 covers more ground to catch-up by a couple weeks. In the next episode, the kids make the parents dinner, there is an epic Tubing fail and Bill & Marc go out on an offshore racing boat capable of 140mph, plus sailing to dinner, riding to work and much more!

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BIG Dreams. Small Steps.

If you want to hear more great stories of people who turned “someday” into NOW… tune into Keep Your Daydream podcast. Stories of full-time RV, Sailing, Climbing Everest to riding bikes across the world, each episode is inspiring.


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