December 9, 2022

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We asked what RV Living questions you had…and you delivered! This video is our Q&A answering 52 of your questions. All the questions are below with time markers. When it comes to bigger topics like the kids schools, traveling with dogs and our favorite destinations, we’ll be doing a separate video.

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1. 2:00 What do you do about laundry?
2. 2:30 How do your kids go to school?
3. 2:50 Do the kids like meeting all different kinds of people?
4. 3:16 What are things you must have?
5. 4:05 Are your kids really that well behaved?
6. 4:47 How do keep your rig from smelling like food?
7. 5:15 What is your favorite thing to do when the camera is not on?
8. 5:33 Are you on vacation all the time?
9. 6:00 What does Marc actually do for work?
10. 6:08 Are there still RV sites available with so many people RVing?
11. 6:48 Do you ever feel unsafe boondocking?
12. 7:07 Should we rent or sell our house?
13. 7:47 How do you keep your black tank clean when you’re constantly using it?
14. 8:30 Should I get 4×4 or two wheel drive?
15. 8:56 Is it all fun and games or are there some slow times?
16. 9:26 How long do you list your rig when you are making reservations?
17. 9:44 What is it like to travel with a dog?
18. 10:05 Are there options/upgrades you with your RV had?
19. 10:45 When do you get quite time?
20. 11:00 Is it hard to stay in touch with family & friends?
21. 11:50 Will we ever get another dog?
22. 12:32 What’s for dinner?
23. 12:52 Do you like your airbags?
24. 13:11 Do things shift in your rig when driving?
25. 14:00 What’s it like RVing Fulltime with kids?
26. 14:42 What is the hardest part about fulltime RV living?
27. 15:50 How do you manage your mail on the road?
28. 16:23 Do the kids ever get board?
29. 16:51 What is the gross weight of your trailer?
30. 17:33 Are you going to get a diesel truck?
31. 17:40 What is the perfect RV?
32. 18:08 When is the best time to go fulltime?
33. 18:36 Do you ever get homesick?
34. 19:17 Do you have tips for working remotely?
35. 20:36 Do your kids miss special school events like dances and stuff?
36. 21:51 How are the truck and trailer holding up?
37. 22:27 Did you have to convince one or the other to do the trip?
38. 23:08 Have you ever thought that you wanted to go back to “normal” life?
39. 23:55 What small appliances should I bring in the RV?
40. 24:55 Is it hard to be with each other 24/7?
41. 25:50 Did you stay within your budget?
42. 26:25 How much does RV Living cost?
43. 27:18 Do you have tips for water consumption while dry-camping?
44. 28:00 What did you get rid of after you started?
45. 28:33 Do you have tips on feeding a big family on the road?
46. 29:13 Who is the most grumpy in the family?
47. 29:21 How do you stay fit on the road?
48. 30:10 Is it difficult to move all the time/mentally preparing for fulltime?
49. 31:27 What do you do for Medical Insurance?
50. 32:20 How do handle routine check-ups?
51. 32:40 Does the trailer feel small from time to time?
52. 33:42 What is your least favorite thing about Ginger?

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