November 28, 2022

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MultiPlus II Performance and Install!

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The Multiplus II 2×120 is a great Inverter option for 50 Amp RVs. This video is what we have learned from using it and how it has worked for us. This Inverter is the best power solution with the most features I have seen. It has impressive output and gives a lot of capabilities to your RV. While it has many things it can do, the main feature is that we can have clean reliable power anywhere without a generator including power for our RV fridge while we drive and supply a boost to our shore power when 50 amp isn’t available. In the video I also walk through the details of installing it on our RV. Here is the link to the install diagram.

RV Inverter Setup. How To Power It All! 30 and 50 Amp

Inverter Upgrade.

MultiPlus II 2x 120V.
Multiplus 3000 Inverter for 30 amp Rvs: USB adapter to change inverter settings Bluetooth adapter for monitoring and
setting Inverter Hybrid amp limit.

Battery monitor
Option 2 for battery monitor is BMV-712. T-Fuse 400 amp Inverter Battery Disconnect Battery Disconnect 4/0 Wire to connect batteries to inverter
and batteries in parallel. Lugs with heatshrink (Size 4/0 with 3/8” ring) Lugs for the wire to
crimp on to the wire I would get a set of 10 Heat shrink after you crimp wires Cable Ties to keep it clean. Bus Bar set ( DC to DC Charger
Solar 400 Watt Kit we have on our RV. (
If Its not on sale use Code
AllAboutRVs to save 10%) Solar Panel Disconnect. Disconnect Box Breaker for less than 42v Charge Controller Victron

Tools Crimp Tool Cable Cutters

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